You can add luxury to just about any decor you have in your office lounge or home with custom pillows. These decorative additions can operate like a new pair of shoes or a tie for an outfit turning something generic into something trendy. These pillows add splashes of personality to furniture that might be harder or too expensive to replace. The aesthetic qualities of custom pillows are just the beginning. They can also be very comfortable and comforting. Whether you are using them to support your lower back, rest your head, or simply to make a room feel more warm and welcoming, the right custom pillow makes a significant difference to any room. 

Custom pillows will adjust an atmosphere to reflect a mood. It adds a little spice, creates and inspire feelings. Use the full potential of fabric to your advantage

As a minimalist be as streamlined as you want but a soft lumbar pillow can be comforting to your soul.

About Us

We have been in business since 1987, we are a Custom Pillow Design/Creators and High End Window Treatment Specialist/Consultancy. Whether you’re focused on Commercial or Residential customization is the name of the game, we’re ready to help you put your best foot forward. We will assist you to create that beautiful elegant space using the finest quality material you desire. We are family owned and operated, and understand how much you value time, efficiency and results.

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“Never underestimate the power of creative design and 30 years of experience Evanbaum carries. We didn’t take it seriously when we first started our business, but then we got together with this company. Now, we have a great elegant Pillow Bedding design Specialist. I’m so glad we reached out, and we’ll never go back to just winging it like we did starting out.


“We had always kept our Window Treatment in-house, but eventually we saw that wasn’t really working for us anymore. By using Evanbaum Cottage, we ended up seeing superior quality pillows, duvets shams, and bed runners with excellent feedback from our clients. We also had the peace of mind that comes with knowing customers would be coming through the doors, and our business could continue to grow.”


“With just a two-person company, we didn’t have a lot of money for a Window Treatment and 175 Custom Pillow budget. Fortunately, some investors provided us with an infusion of cash, and we knew we needed to use it to move forward. We chose to do that through Project Manager/Specialist so as to show the versatility between their beautiful custom pillows, duvets, bed runners, shades, drapery, bedding and up cycled handbags. Evanbaum Cottage was the right choice! They helped us get our name out there, and business has really picked up!”